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There are a few ways to contribute to the uComponents project:
For general support, please use the uComponents forum on Our Umbraco community website.


The uComponents team use Mercurial source-control as our repository.

Our branching structure is as follows:
Branch Comment
default This branch does not contain any source-code. It is used as a meta-data branch for details on how to contribute, tagging and author credits.
6.x The source-code for the upcoming v6.x release of uComponents, which will support Umbraco 6.0+.
5.x The source-code for the current stable v5.x releases of uComponents, which supports Umbraco 4.8+ (on .NET 4.0).
4.x The source-code for the 'legacy' v4.x versions of uComponents, which supports Umbraco 4.7.1 (on .NET 4.0).
3.x The source-code for the 'legacy' v3.x versions of uComponents, which supports Umbraco 4.5.2 (on .NET 3.5).

The current developments for upcoming releases are available in their own branches.
Branch Comment
6.0.0-dev The latest bleeding-edge code-base for upcoming new features.
5.2.0-dev The latest stable code-base.

Semantic Versioning Specification

We aim to use SemVer for our version numbering system. For more information about SemVar, please see:

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