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Compatible Datatypes

Using custom datatypes

By default, only datatypes that are verified are enabled and selectable from the prevalue editor.
To enable a non-default datatype, go to {your-umbraco-folder}\config and open the file DataTypeGrid.config.

Add your datatype guid to the <CompatibleDataTypes> section like this:

<add guid="6c738306-4c17-4d88-b9bd-6546f3771597"/>

Recycle the application pool in IIS or touch the web.config file.

You can now use your datatype with DataType Grid.

Compatibility chart

Umbraco Native Datatypes Fully Compatible Partially Compatible Not Compatible Not Tested
Label v3.0      
Numeric v3.0      
Simple Editor v3.0      
Textstring v3.0      
Media Picker v3.0.1


Approved Color v3.0      
Checkbox list v3.0      
Content Picker v3.0      
Date Picker with time v3.0.2    
Date Picker v3.0.2    
Dropdown multiple v3.0.1     
Folder Browser      YSOD
Dropdown  v3.0.1    
Member Picker v3.0.2    
Radiobox v3.0     
Related Links     Doesn't add values
Richtext editor     Not shown 
Textbox multiple  v3.0    
Tags      YSOD 
True/false  v3.0    
Ultimate Picker      
Upload      YSOD
Custom Datatypes Fully Compatible Partially Compatible Not Compatible Not Tested
Auto Complete  v4.0     
Character Limit v4.0    
Checkbox Tree       X
Country Picker       X
Dropdown CheckList       X
Elastic TextBox       X
Enum CheckBoxList       X
Enum DropDownList       X
File DropDownList       X
FilePicker       X
Image DropDown       X
Incremental TextBox       X
JSON Dropdown       X
Multi-Node Tree Picker       X
MultiPicker Relations       X
Multiple Dates       X
Multiple Textstring       X
Multi-URL Picker       X
Notes       X
Radiobutton List with Images       X
Related Links with Media       X
Render Macro       X
Similarity       X

Does not support editing

Styled TextBox       X
SQL DropDownList       X
ToggleBox       X
Text Image       X
Textstring Array       X
Unique Property       X
URL Picker       X
User Picker       X
XPath CheckBoxList       X
XPath DropDownList       X

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