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Search for PageNotFound


Enables website administrators to configure the Not Found (404) page from within the Umbraco back-office. This is achieved using a custom 404 handler.

This functionality requires a new Content Picker property (with the alias of "umbracoPageNotFound") to be any node's document-type, (this is usually your "Homepage", but could be any type of page).

You can then select the Not Found (404) page using the Content Picker.

On the front-end, if a content node can not be found from the NiceUrl, then the NotFoundHandlers are actioned; until alternative content is found, otherwise a 404 error.

If a umbracoPageNotFound value (content node Id) is found, then the user is presented with the selected Not Found (404) page. Otherwise the default "handle404" handler is actioned.

To manually enable this functionality, add the following setting as the penultimate of the "NotFoundHandlers" section in /config/404handlers.config, (e.g. the one before the "handle404" entry):

<notFound assembly="uComponents.NotFoundHandlers" type="SearchForPageNotFound" />

This NotFoundHandler is very similar to the Multi-site Page Not Found, but does not require you to set it at the homepage level, nor have a hostname associated with the node.

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