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Shortcuts is a way to easier to navigate in umbraco

Shortcuts where and how?

First you need to add the following line to your web.config under your HttpModules:

<add name="uComponentsModule" type="uComponents.Core.Modules.uComponentsModule, uComponents.Core"/>

If you hold down the CTRL+SHIFT buttons all the shortcuts will be highlightet


  • 0
    • if you are hitting the home button, the content node wil be marked. and you are now able to expand the tree/items with the arrow keys
  • 1-6
    • Here you can navigate to another section by holding CTRL+SHIFT and the number that you wish to go to.
  • S
    • CTRLSHIFT s will send you to the search field
  • H
    • CTRLSHIFT h will open the help dialog
  • L
    • CTRLSHIFT l will log you out

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