Multi-Node Tree Picker data is saved incorrectly when CSV


When I choose Data as CSV, everything works fine until I choose two nodes and save. When I choose 1 or more than 2 nodes, everything works as expected. When I choose exactly 2 nodes and save, the id's are not seperated by a comma. For example nodeid 1 is 8324 and nodeid 2 is 8326. When I pick these two and save, the data I get is "83248326". However if I add one more node (nodeid 3 is 8329) and save, the data I get is "8324,8326,8329".
Closed Mar 16, 2012 at 1:21 PM by leekelleher
We found this was a bug with the Razor MacroEngine in Umbraco v4.7.0 - with it attempting to parse "8324,8326" as a numeric (with the comma interpreted as a thousand-separator). We believe that bug had been fixed in Umbraco v4.7.1.x.