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UrlPicker full (instead of relative) urls for multi-domain


Hi, for a customer I have the following situation:

1 umbraco installation, several domains pointing to the same umbraco website.

So it looks like this:
...and some more...
all pointing to the same umbraco.

they are properly configured with multi-language support and culture and hostname. Actually in our content we have several homes for the language, so the root/home looks like this:

Now the problem I get is the following.

Our customer is logging in via
when he selects with the UrlPicker a content page e.g. Content > de > test1, the link is rendered with a relative url: /de/test1.aspx

when he updates contents for another language, being logged in the same backend,

for example for a French page under /fr/, selects via UrlPicker Content > fr > testfr the rendered link in the published page is a full url like this:

This is unwanted because we have several aliases and sometimes even https, we don't want the full url, we want it to be relative, like this: /fr/testfr.aspx

The only workaround I've found so far is telling the customer, when editing another language, to login in umbraco by using the other language domain, so in this case: > edit the page > select the url again, then save and publish the page. Then in this case it's saved correctly, relative url: /fr/testfr.aspx

Can you please confirm that this is a bug in urlpicker? Or if it's an umbraco bug give me some details and I re-post this in

Eventually let me know, which file in the source code is responsible for this, so I may test it before you release the next official uComponents...

Thank you and best regards


diachedelic wrote Oct 19, 2013 at 2:51 AM

When pointing to content nodes, then generate your URL there and then from the node ID.